How to start your dropshipping business

Starting your dropshipping business (source: Importify)

Learn in minutes how to set-up your drop-shipping business


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An Intro To Dropshipping, Create your Business Model
The Five Steps to a Successful Store Overview
1. Generating Products Ideas
Start with what you know
Audience Connection Exercise
2. How to Find the “Perfect” Product
Niche Elimination
Niche Prerequisites
Niche Validation: Facebook’s Audience Insight Tool
3. How to Ensure Your Store’s Short and Long Term Success: Emphasizing Marketing
Why is marketing arguably the most important product elimination filter?
4. How to Launch Your Store
Importing products into your store
Install Importify chrome extension & start import products to your store
Product Customization
Other Recommended Apps for Your Shopify Store
5.) How to Setup Your First Successful Facebook Ad
Setup Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel to Start Reading Data From Your Store
Facebook Pixel Setup
How to Add the New Facebook Pixel to Your Store
Beginning the Facebook Ad Setup
How to Create your First PPE Ad Campaign
Analyze The PPE Ad’s Data and Engage with your Audience
Tips for Running Your Store like a Pro


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