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Whitepaper Fulfillment Automation 2025

Self-learning robots conquer e-commerce logistics - What will fulfillment look like in 2025?


Are traditional retail models on the brink of collapse? Clearly, the fact remains that not only promotion days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. are putting increased pressure on retailers and logistics service providers operating in this sector. The required “customer experience“ also requires a strategic reorientation, which has to be expressed as cleverly as possible at the operative level, and not just as an afterthought. Inventory structures need to be re-evaluated as well with the use of modern technologies. In this context, mobile robots are becoming a strong focus of interest. 

There are good reasons for this, because “Advanced Robotics“ marks a major milestone in the development of robotic technology. These perception-controlled robots work alongside to humans, make autonomous decisions, navigate independently, and find their way in a world created by humans. However, will the potential Advanced Robotics deliver what it promises and how will the market, technology and society evolve?

At the end of October 2018, more than 40 top-class experts and speakers from the fulfillment  industry met with MAGAZINO and Zalando to develop possible scenarios for fulfillment in 2025 and discussed the pros and cons. What all participants of the roundtable have in common is the desire to share existing knowledge and personal assessments not only among themselves, but also with other interested parties. This white paper documents this unique exchange.

Authors: Tilman Tunk

Document type: White Paper

Publication date: 07-06-2019

Number of pages: 20

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