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Revenue Optimization: How Do I Prevent My Conversion Optimization Process from Stagnating Because Resources Are Being Allocated to Larger Projects?

A growing number of organizations have conversion optimization strategies in place. Using a structured and data-driven process, they are working on customer-oriented optimizations in their online stores and achieving better results. These same organizations are noticing, however, that their conversion optimization processes regularly stagnate, fail to move forward fast enough, or even come to a standstill altogether because resources for development and other areas are being allocated to other, larger projects. This causes them to miss out on optimization opportunities, as well as substantial revenues. The members of this expert group have identified this as the main challenge right now when it comes to conversion optimization. This stagnation is a problem, as it affects your organization’s results. Amazon, for example, states that:

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Authors: Anna Waligóra

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Document type: Research Study

Publication date: 01-07-2019

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