Denmark 2020 Ecommerce Report

Denmark 2020 Ecommerce Report

We begin 2020 by looking at Denmark, one of the most advanced ecommerce markets in the world. Factors driving online buying behaviour in this Nordic country include high domestic retail taxes and wide access to the internet. Read on to find out more about Danish consumers’ expectations and behaviour as they relate to, for example, cross-border purchases, language localisation and payment options


The highlights of the report:

  • Overview of the Danish retail market
  • Partner perspective:Tealium
  • Danish ecommerce facts and trends as infographics
  • Case study: Parcel lockers & BOPUS
  • Q&A: Georg Jensen
  • More than 18 detailed graphs and tables


Did you know?

  • 39% of Denmark’s population are aged between 25 and 54
  • 98% of Denmark’s population are forecast to use in the internet in 2020
  • 33% of all online purchases made in Denmark in 2019 were made using a smartphone.
  • B2C eCommerce turnover is forecast to be ‎€21.45bn in 2020
  • 70% of all travel products bought in 2019 were purchased online
  • The popularity of E-Wallet for online payment is expected to overtake card payment in 2020

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Country: Denmark
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Publication date: 23-03-2020

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