Inventory plays a crucial role to develop an organization. Thats why every organization want to take care of their inventory. Here is some inventory management techniques to reduce cost as well as los...

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Publication date: 28-05-2020

Self-learning robots conquer e-commerce logistics - What will fulfillment look like in 2025?   Are traditional retail models on the brink of collapse? Clearly, the fact remains that not on...

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Publication date: 07-06-2019

A new business-model has been implemented by the customer and to keep up, companies have no choice but to adapt their intralogistics and warehousing system. Dealing with a fluctuating degree of automa...

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Publication date: 09-02-2018

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This is the full report of the Warehousing topic. This report contains all the basic, advanced and expert content. It provides answers to basic questions such as "What is warehousing?" and &...

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Publication date: 11-10-2016

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Zijn innovaties het middel voor het magazijn van morgen?

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Publication date: 12-07-2016

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Ecommerce and in-store retail are essentially the same thing to your customer. It’s all just shopping. How the customer chooses to buy from one retailer over another is influenced by a myriad of...

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Publication date: 20-06-2016

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An interesting presentation by One Piece as presented on the Global Ecommerce Summit 2016

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Publication date: 31-05-2016

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De keuzes die een consument in zijn klantreis kan maken, hebben financiële gevolgen. Meer betaalmogelijkheden of verzendopties kunnen een consument doen besluiten een bestelling te plaatsen, maar...

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Publication date: 25-02-2016

De ecommerce markt ontwikkelt zich in een razendsnel tempo. PostNL probeert in deze dynamische markt de juiste keuzes te maken om u de tools te geven om bij te blijven. Aan de hand van concrete voorbe...

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Publication date: 25-01-2016