What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Definition of Artificial Intelligence


The term artificial intelligence was coined in 1950s. This was after the US department of Defense Advanced research Projects Agency(DARPA) took interest in this type of technology. They first started to train machines to mimic basic human reasoning and problem solving and has since then developed machines that are able to perform more intricate tasks.


In order for a system to be described as an artificial intelligence system it as to demonstrate human behaviors such as planning, learning, reasoning. Problem solving. Knowledge. Representation, perception, motion and manipulation. This can be differentiated into two sectors; narrow AI and general AI. Narrow AI means that the machine can only perform one task at a time. General AI means that machines can attempt to think and function as the human mind.


 Although Artificial Intelligence is mostly known for its robotic usage, today ‘s artificial intelligence has a high demand in different job sectors such as health care, retail, manufacturing and sports.


What is Artificial Intelligence really?


Movies have made us believe that Artificial Intelligence is something related to science fiction, such as intergalactic travel or comic superheroes.

In other cases, they make us believe that Artificial Intelligence is a threat to humanity, making us believe that robots become rebellious or destroy their creators at some later stage... They will conquer the whole world! (Yeah right).

This naive and imaginary vision limits us and does not allow us to see what AI really is, and what it can do for us today, especially in business matters.


AI ​​as an area of study


Artificial Intelligence is more than a subject for fiction films and books; It is a very serious area of ​​research within Computer Science. This area has existed, in some form or another, since the first digital computer was created and has not stopped progressing since then.

Now, in the present time, we see more and more news that mention AI or every time we see more products or apps that apparently use AI. The question is, why has the interest in Artificial Intelligence surfaced recently?


The "rebirth" of AI


The resurgence of interest in Artificial Intelligence occurred in the year 2012, when a team of Researchers from the University of Toronto created an algorithm (deep neural network) that allowed to detect and identify different objects and animals within photographs with a precision much greater than other algorithms.

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