Cross-border ecommerce: how trustmarks can bridge the gap?

Trust marks: an independent way to increase trust in Ecommerce

One way to increase the trust that consumers have when purchasing online are trust marks, such as Safe.Shop. The graph below demonstrates this clearly. In this case consumers were asked:
As you can see 70% of consumers felt that this would have a positive impact on their trust for an online store.


Trust marks provide a visual indication that not only has a third-party verified the online store, but that the store itself has gone to the effort to prioritise gaining the confidence of potential consumers.

A vzbv report stated that: “76% are more likely to choose a website with a trust mark.”

This is further illustrated from the perspective of SMEs when asked:



In terms of a direct and easy-to-implement strategy, displaying a trust mark is one of the top choices for ecommerce businesses.

Trust marks are great for small/medium sized online shops as well as those expecting new shoppers. This is because trust marks can act as a substitute for certain consumer trust points, such as previous experience with the online shop. This is backed by another report stating that shoppers will be more receptive to trust marks on an unfamiliar online store. This therefore suggests implementing a trust mark could be a great plan when targeting foreign markets.

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