Master Data Management

What is Master Data Management? What are the three key-drivers for Master Data Management and how does a MDM program benefit your business? Discover this and more in this EcommerceWiki Topic.

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What is Master Data? Master data is all non-transactional data within an enterprise – for exa...

This is the full report of the Data Feed Management topic. This report contains all the basic, advan...

A Product Information Management (PIM) solution helps turn product data into a competitive advantage...

Inventory plays a crucial role to develop an organization. Thats why every organization want to take...

Data Driven Commerce Event

Hoe kun je data inzetten om jouw klanten over alle kanalen heen dezelfde persoonlijke ervaring te bieden? Het event Data Driven Commerce richt zich op de toekomst van data gedreven processen. Tijdens...

Data Driven Commerce

Het nieuwe tijdperk voor retailers en marketeers is begonnen: het tijdperk van data gedreven commerce. Fysieke en digitale kanalen moeten samensmelten om consumenten unieke en consistente ervaringen t...

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