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Online retail has been booming over the last few years. This is evidence by the fact that global B2C ecommerce sales of goods and services nearly doubled in 2017 compared to 2015. In addition, the share of ecommerce in the Gross Domestic Product (eGDP) increased from 1.47% to 2.64% over the same period, showing that the role of ecommerce is growing exponentially within the global economy. Moreover, all signs indicate that this growth will continue over the next few years.


In 2014, the global population amounted to around 7.2 billion people, of which 1.1 billion people purchased goods and/or services online at least once. In total, they spent $1,938.1bn, which results in an average spending per e-shopper of $1,702.

Asia-Pacific strongest B2C ecommerce region in the world
Just like in 2013, Asia-Pacific was the strongest B2C ecommerce region in the world last year. With a B2C ecommerce turnover of $770.0bn, it ranked ahead of Europe ($562.0bn) and North America ($522.9bn).


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