What are intelligent campaigns?

Intelligent campaigns are a way for you to give a personalized and unique experience to your customers, all of this thanks to Artificial Intelligence while keeping a clear overview of what is happening on your website and of your customers' activity.


Easy-to-build Campaign Management


Intelligent campaigns provide an all-in solution into the existing CMS to easily build your campaigns, which include your own customed landing pages and also having an easy access to your web assets when writing your custom emails. Furthermore, when creating your visual Campaigns, the access to the data points that you previously created is also made easier for you.



Product recommendations


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, 'no-rule' and unique personalization becomes possible. Which means that you can offer to each of your customer their own personal customer journey, precisely tailored for them and based on the data that is known about them. Using emails and on-site personalization will allow you to increase your conversion, as you are advising your customers special products or offers that correspond to their needs, profile, and behavior as a customer.



Trigger-based Activation


Do you want to react instantly to the customer's behavior on your website? This is also possible thanks to intelligent campaigns. As the AI will analyze if the customer has chosen to 'abandon cart' or take items out of it, the customer's activity itself will trigger special relevant recommendation emails such as 'Items you might also like', and it will be sent directly to the customer without needing you to take any actions for it to happen.

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