How to develop a strategic ecommerce roadmap?

Creating a strategic ecommerce roadmap is critical in a successful business operation. Depending on type of your business (manufacturer vs. distributor vs. brand vs. retailer), there are specifics to your ecommerce roadmap that cannot be overlooked. In this section, we cover how an organization should begin to formulate a roadmap to drive ecommerce success.

The most important part of creating a roadmap is asking and answering the right questions to set you on the right path. Here are some questions that need to be answered (by you, or the right person in your organization):


1. Are all parts of your business represented in the decision making? Different parts of the business will have different priorities; make sure your roadmap is agreed upon by all stakeholders.


2. What are all your goals for your ecom site besides selling your product? Lower cost per acquisition, educating your audience, gathering customer data, reaching customer outside of your typical audience, leveraging social media, etc.


3. How do you want to establish your brand? Not just the look & feel of the website, but your brand voice. How will you engage with your customers? Should it be the same for your B2C and B2B channels?


4. What are the necessary functionalities for your ecom channel? What are the secondary features and functionalities? Prioritizing your needs will help you develop a more realistic and strategic roadmap.


5. How will you measure success? Make sure there’s a plan in place to measure your efforts against your goals. Improvements will be made along the way, but it’s important to understand how you’ll be tracking your goals.

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