5 Simple Techniques to build Customer Loyalty

5 Simple Techniques to Build Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty should be a top priority for any business. Acquiring customers is hard, but keeping them for years is even harder. If you do not try to earn their loyalty, those customers you worked so hard to convert could disappear before you know it.

Concentrate on creating a culture around your company to connect closely with your customers. Build a company where they will buy your products or services regardless of the price range. Remember that they will stick with your business if you create an excellent customer experience.

Earning customer loyalty is especially true for small businesses, because you can reach your customers at a more personal level.


Here are 5 simple techniques that will help you

easily build customer loyalty:


Use Social Media

Being present on social media gives you an opportunity to communicate with your customers through comments or direct messages. This way, you let people know more about your company and your product. The most important part is that you can share their reviews that go hand in hand with customer loyalty.

Also, it is important to encourage them to use branded hashtags. Create your company hashtag on social networks like Instagram or Facebook, and ask your customers to use it in the posts they share. This way, they will feel like they belong to a community where they can see the posts with the same hashtag contributed by other people. Be as creative as possible to create a fan-oriented culture in order to increase customer engagement with your brand.

Reward Your Customers

Giving various gifts to your customers will make them happy, and will motivate them to continue staying with your company. For example, customer loyalty program Say2B lets you reward your customers with gifts, coins and discounts. It also send notifications with personalized targeted messages, which makes them feel like you are talking to them directly. This is a great way to increase customer loyalty, and to attract new customers.


Loyalty programs reward the things that add value to your company, as well as to your customers. When they are rewarded, they will definitely talk about your brand with their friends and family even if you do not ask them to. This will increase brand awareness with Word-of-Mouth Marketing. So, reward your customers if you want them to stay loyal to your company.

Be Honest

If you want your customers to trust you, you need to be very honest with them. Whenever there’s a problem that somehow affects your customers, explain the situation to them and provide updates. Customers are more likely to be loyal to a company when it commits to honesty and fairness.

Building trustful and transparent relationships with the customers is the key of highly successful businesses. If you’ve already made a mistake, denying it or lying about it can result in losing your customers’ trust. Remember that they have access to a huge amount of information on Internet, so don’t let them find out about the existing problem themselves. Being honest will help you keep them for life.

Share Your Values

As a company, you surely need to have a set of shared values. This is a new way for companies to reach customer loyalty. Many people make their purchasing decisions based on these values. You need to understand that besides buying your products or services, customers also buy your company’s values and the things that your brand stands for.

Customers are more likely to stick with your company when they are attached to your values rather than only to your products or services. You can easily express your values through social media, and spread awareness about what your company stands for. So, shared values are one of the primary reasons your customers have a trustful and loyal relationship with your company.

Humanize Your Brand

Even though this sounds too obvious, one of the most essential things you need to do is to provide an excellent customer service. This includes humanizing your brand. People get tired of the endless automated responses they receive, and they are always happy to feel that there are real people behind your brand.

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