Best practices in Customer Loyalty

After reading the previous chapters you should already have an idea of what a loyalty program is and with what kind of parameters you can work. Here you will find a few best practices for a loyalty program. These best practices are certainly not set in stone and it is encouraged to experiment and try new things. These best practices however have proven to be successful and are, in a way, a safe bet for your loyalty program. Remember the key to a good loyalty program is simplicity and consumer focus.

1. Rewarding account creation

To fuel your loyalty program you need returning customers who are registered at your company. The problem here is: why should a customer register on your website if he can just as easily order something with a guest account? Rewarding customers for creating an account encourages them to take action and to place current and future orders faster. Rewarding the customer for creating an account can be done in a variety of ways:

  • ‘’’Discount’’’: give an immediate discount after the account creation.
  • ‘’’Point Balance’’’: if you work with a loyalty point system show exactly how many points a customer will miss out without an account.
  • ‘’’Free points’’’: continuing on last point. Offer the customer bonus points when checking out for the first time with their new account.
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