What are the benefits of B2B ecommerce?

Higher sales efficiency, better customer service and an increased revenue are the most important benefits of B2B e-commerce.


Although wholesale, distribution and manufacturing businesses are automated and using the latest ERP systems, a huge part of the order taking process is mostly carried out in an unstructured, manual way. Your sales or warehouse employees are being called, to look up product details or to find out if a specific part is still available. The ordering process takes place by fax, or by sending a free format e-mail. These processes are all prone to error, inefficiency and delay. No only this results in a bad customer experience, it as well generates a huge amount of costs. The process of products that are shipped wrongly and are returned, result in lots of handling and overhead costs., especially for the smaller orders.

Adding an online channel that processes these orders and information requests automatically, 24/7, takes care of each of each of the inefficiency issues mentioned.


When adding an online sales channel to your business, a lot can change positively. Your customers are invited to place their orders in a user friendly environment. Not only will they be able to select the correct products and parts, they will directly see their own prices and the availability as agreed upon. No manual, time consuming transition of information. Detailed product information is instantly available, including up- and cross sell suggestions, customer specific prices, stock information, all order history and status.

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