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GTIN non reuse 

There are some changing happening in the product identifier world – GTIN non-reuse is coming into play from January 2019. This mean you cannot apply a GTIN you have already used to another product once the original one is discontinued. This is due to changes in the market where products don’t follow the average life cycle of 4 years like we previously saw – with the rise of marketplaces and C2C selling platforms products are staying around longer and even resurfacing after many years. 

 While I understand this does sound quite uninteresting to many, we took it   as an opportunity to find out how many businesses are aware of what the basics rules of allocating a GTIN to a product and when you need to put a new one on the product if you make changes. 


We discovered that a third of participants failed the 5-question quiz on when to change a GTIN on your product. So, we need to get these rules more embedded into processes in retailers selling own brand products and businesses that are brands and manufacturers.  


When do I change a GTIN?  

There are 3 guiding principle that form the questions you should ask yourself if you make changes, that will determine if you need a new identifier on your product. 


1.Is a consumer and/or trading partner expected ​
to distinguish the changed product from previous / current products?  


2. Is there a regulatory or liability disclosure requirement to the consumer and/or trading partner? 


3. Is there a substantial impact to the supply chain (e.g., how the product is shipped, stored, received)? 



If one or more of the guiding principles apply, then a GTIN change is required 


Not following these rules can cause issues throughout the supply chain, with regulatory requirements and dissatisfied customers. In fact, to find out just how often issues are happening in the market we added this question into the quiz and got the following results: 


If you want to take the quiz and test your knowledge, have a look here:   

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