The role of mobile commerce

The role of mobile commerce is becoming bigger and bigger


With every new model, mobile devices have more extensive applications that are made increasingly possible with, for example, the camera, internet connection, storage, speed, apps, etc. These possibilities can be used to bring a traditional organization to a hybrid online environment/platform. The platform economy is a silent revolution initiated by parties such as Amazon, Alibaba,, Google and smaller equivalents. Opportunities to connect with mobile devices create opportunities for everyone, for example for shopping streets, real estate owners, brands, etc. to design their own or combined platforms. Connecting different platforms is also possible, in order to create a new connected platform. APIs do the job.


Because of this development, the traditional economy is gradually turning into an e-commerce and platform economy, which is matrix-wise connected to the circular economy because a shortage of raw materials arises or will arise, and there is a need to reuse materials. This is therefore a focus for the near future. Because data and content are central, it is important to have a vision and a strategy to keep the information in a safe way for its own and relevant use, within the framework of GDPR. This vision and strategy can be implemented via apps and eIdentity.



Connecting O2O

Digital mirrors, narrow casting, virtual reality, augmented reality, beacons, digital screens, and concepts such as the smart fitting room, are all available to be used anywhere in the field of online application and vice versa. Software and video clip producers are ready. But it is all about connection and the difficult part is that there must be a clear vision and strategy with a foundation in new economic models and business cases, while still hindered by rapid developments in payment options, security and privacy legislation.


With the mobile you are always visible to customers. Customers spend more and more time on their mobile devices. That is why it is important to have a strategy that focuses on direct marketing. We think of possibilities with apps, but also the socials, so all channels that create direct customer contact. You have the opportunity to create your brand awareness in relation to the competition in an efficient manner and according to your own taste. It is important to know which target group you are targeting and who your customers are. It is therefore important to address the demand side, the personas.

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