What is an omnichannel organization?

There are many definitions of an ‘omnichannel organization’. We simply call it a flexible organization that focuses on the customer, without restrictions on time, place or channel. Through offering relevant information and content, which is available at any time, the client witnesses a consistent experience across all channels.


Over the years we have seen retail formats developing from single channel to multichannel, cross-channel and to omnichannel organizations. 


Omni channel vs Single Channel


Selling to anyone from anywhere without needing any technical knowledge


Given that 90% of consumers researching products online before they buy and 25% of shoppers buying online after they’ve experienced and touched the items in-store, the path to purchase is constantly changing.


In the omnichannel world, as a retailer you can convert data originating from every transaction/interaction, from any channel into a unique customer file for each one of your clients. These customers records will now include; customers actions in-store and online, reactions on social media, phone interactions, gift cards purchased, anything that can be used to better understand customer behavior patterns.


This further understanding of customers will result in higher customer satisfaction, and ultimately in higher sales and increased brand loyalty. Since the store will be open 24/7, customers are freed from any date constraints and are able to interact with your brand whenever, and make orders at any moment of the day or of the night.

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