How to manage your Performance Marketing from day to day?

In order to manage performance marketing, the main ingredients are structure and overview. You need to have an overview of all running activities, such as campaigns and all strategies in a campaign.


Via an online real-time dashboard, which shows the actual numbers of the leading metric systems, you create a direct overview of what is running and how it is performing. The dashboard gives direct insights which campaigns/strategies need to be optimized and what else needs to be optimized (such as results, ROI and pacing)


If an online (real-time) dashboard is not feasible, another managing solution is to create a document (for example an pacing overview with the most important metrics, such as CTR, eCPM, eCPC, eCPA and spent budget. Update this document on a regular basis (like two or three times a week) and optimize the campaign towards the campaign objectives based on the metrics.

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