What are examples of personalization in different media?

Offline Personalization


Depending on the source of customer data and utilization, offline personalization comprises 2 major methodologies and the mix of those to support e-commerce user experience:


1.     Customer tracking and analytics in an e-commerce or other digital environment and offline utilization (Direct mail, SMS, personalized customer service via phone, personalized service at the customer support desk etc. etc. )


2.     Customer tracking and analytics in an offline environment and online utilization as a personalized customer experience. Loyalty card data sourced offline can be processed to deliver personalized experiences considering the customers’ purchase history and preferences. Beacon technology  also can be used to deliver personalized info (welcome notes, with the customer’s names) when they walk close to your store. Sales info, offers, discounts can also be placed into notifications and can be sent to the customers. High retail chains like Walmart use their app’s browsing data to gain info what the user has been searching, and with the help of the Beacon technology they can steer the walking-in customers close to the shelves with those particular goods.



Cora Romania is successfully leveraging visit frequency with applying personalized recommendations considering the customers’ offline purchases.


Online Personalization


The personalization engine vendors usually provide 5 Primary Product Modules. These functionalities personalize the customer's online shopping experience.


  1. Product Recommendations

- Suggesting relevant products based on the data gained about the visitor(s) and product feed

- Recommendations are displayed by a script or through an API (Application Programming Interface)


  1. Search Personalization —  search results and the assortment of search terms can be displayed and personalized based on the data gained about the visitor(s)




Search personalization example on Edigital.sk


  1. On-Site Personalization —Present personalized, on-screen messages or content to the unique visitor based on the data collected about the visitor.  It includes the ability to adjust the composition of the elements of the page based on the preferences and behaviour of the visitor.
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