What are the main benefits of PIM?

There are numerous theoretical benefits of a PIM system. I have determined the main benefits of a PIM system on strategic, tactical and operational level.

Strategic Benefits

The first strategic benefit consists of the possibility for assortment expansion. There is a clear relationship with the size of a company’s assortments and having a PIM system. It is remarkable to see that when the assortment increases to over one million SKUs there are no companies who do not have a PIM system. 38 % of the retailers with a PIM system stated that they were aiming to achieve an additional 50 % expansion in their assortment, while 45 % are planning to expand their product. A PIM system manages all the data from logistics to different price mechanisms. A second strategic benefit to incorporate a PIM system is that it can reduce the time to market significantly. The commercial product information can already be created while the product is still being manufactured, or even being designed. However, the most important strategic benefit may be that a uniform customer experience can be created with a PIM system across all channels. Without PIM awkward results might show up; the use of two different product names for the same product or even disastrous differences inexplicable price differences.

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