10 tips for better packshots

Product photos, or the so called packshots, are often an underestimated part of ecommerce.

User experience , ROI, conversion and unique content. Just a few words passing by in an ecommerce meeting. But what about the packshots?


Quality pictures increase your sales


More and more retailers see the importance of excellent packshots. The quality is often poor and some products do not even have a packshot. This destroys all efforts to welcome new customers to your website. Conversion rates will be poor and the return on investment will be zero or even worse.

Packshots are valuable content! Generating beautiful packshots can be a costly and time consuming business. Therefore we provide 10 basic tips to increase your sales by using better product photos.


1. Unique content


If possible, do not use stock photos. All your competitors are using the same pictures. Make your own distinctive content and produce your own unique products. This way you can add detailed multi-angle views, 360 degree product photos and 3D-presentations.


2. Consistency


Make sure to synchronize so the background of all products is equal. Pictures on the product lister page (list of products in a web shop) have to be consistent to have a professional look and feel. Note: a white background is not always white. Therefore always detach the product and remove the background. Upload the files in a PNG format.

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