How to generate traffic from YouTube to your website?

Directing traffic with YouTube

A high number of views on your channel is what you should be aiming for. But even more important is how your channel directs traffic to your online shop. To convince your audience to turn to your online shop you should establish a corporate identity and change some settings for your YouTube account.

Corporate identity

Your online shop and video channel should carry the same identity. Colors, type, graphics, and tone of voice should be the same across your channels. In this topic, you can read about branding.

If visitors change from one of your channels to the other, he/she should not need to acclimatize to a different style. By uniforming your channels visitors can keep their focus on the subject or product. Also, use the correct links to your online shop in the banner and in the tab ‘about’. You can add several links to your online shop, other social channels, etc. On this page, you can read more useful tips from Google.

Technical enumeration.

Besides a corporate identity; you also need to take some technical steps to link your online shop and YouTube channel.


  • Link your online shop: Verify your channel and the online shop you want to connect. Google has a tool to create this link. Use the steps as written in this article


  • Start using YouTube annotations: By doing this you can create clickable links in your video. Keep in mind, however, that YouTube annotations are not shown on mobile.


  • YouTube Cards: YouTube cards, in contrast to annotations, do show up on mobile devices. And since more views are from mobile devices it might me a good idea to use Cards instead of Annotations. Like YouTube annotations; Cards are also clickable links in a video. When watching the video, you can click directly to a product page or landings page. By doing this, your audience does not have to search for a URL in the description of the video.




In this video an explanation by YouTube how to setup and use YouTube cards

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