How to get as many views as possible?

If your web site does not rank in search engines and nobody searches for your shop you will not generate any traffic and thus have lower sales. But don not make “x” number of views your goal, this might make your video less interesting.


There are 2 ways to generate traffic: paid traffic and organic traffic.


Paid traffic

Just like on Google you can also advertise on YouTube via YouTube ads. Because YouTube ads are not used as much as Google ads the costs are lower.


This is one way you can buy views. But viewers are not immediately customers. So, if you want to create a buzz around your brand this is one way to go. Otherwise, you might consider to grow your audience, and number of views the organic way. YouTube has a useful help page about YouTube ads:


Organic traffic

Just like a high ranking on Google; ranking high on YouTube through an organic way takes time and high quality content. YouTube also uses a special algorithm to measure the quality of your quality.


The most important tool is the Audience retention report. This is a very interesting report, it gives an overall measure of how well your video keeps its audience. A higher retention means that your audience sticks around longer, this causes YouTube to recommend you video more often. This causes your video to garner more views and if these viewers watch for a certain time the cycle continues.



Several tips to measure your own content and how you can continuously improve your content




  • Create quality content for your audience: The business model of YouTube is to get the maximum amount of views and generate a lot of paid views. Therefore, YouTube will primarily show high quality and relevant content. YouTube does this by calculating average view duration: Estimated average minutes watched per view for the selected content, date range, region, and other filters.

Also, the average percentage of video that is viewed by your audience is important: Average percentage of a video your audience watches per view. The more time a user stays on YouTube thanks to your video, the better your video will be ranked. So, as a web shop owner this means you should create video content which keeps your customers attention. By doing this YouTube will recommend your videos to other viewers possibly leading to more customers.



An explanation about audience retention and watch time


  • Create relevant playlists: As when visiting an online shop or store most people will compare products. This, however, should not be limited to (online) stores. By creating a playlist of videos describing similar products you help the customer. By creating these playlists people will stay longer on your channel resulting in YouTube recommending more of your videos.
  • YouTube SEO: Like your website, YouTube uses SEO to score your page. The video title, description, and metatags are the most important factors to influence YouTube’s SEO. When you utilize YouTube’s SEO effectively your videos will only be recommended to people who will watch the video and who find the contend relevant. This in turn leads to more organic views because google will recommend your video more as the average view time rises.
  • Thumbnail and subscribers: By creating good looking thumbnails your videos will stand out in the list of suggestions. This is another way to make your Videos more visible, even if YouTube’s SEO does not work out for you.
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