How to integrate a call to action in your video?

Want to use a call-to-action in your YouTube channel? Besides some technical steps, you should create a recognizable format for your audience.


Why you should have a call-to-action

As an online shop your goal is to run a business. The content you Produce is supposed to create or reach a large(r) audience or; most likely, to increase sales. Just like the merchant who finalizes a sale the call-to-action should pull the customer in.

Of course, you can and you should create content which is entertaining, by connecting in this manner your audience will understand you better.

Technical steps

First you should connect your YouTube channel to your online shop. YouTube requires you to verify yourself before you connect to your online shop. This requires some technical steps like access to your domain or html code. In this topic you can read more about the verification process.

After you have verified yourself it is possible to use YouTube's Annotations and Cards. These appear in your video, so there is no need for your audience to scroll down and find a link.

YouTube Annotations

The first type of clickable link is the YouTube Annotations. These annotations are a powerful tool to create different type of link.


As you can see there is a plethora of possibilities, just remember to keep it clean and simple. Your audience wants to see an explanation or a product. Use an annotation to help them find the product page where you can provide more information.

Beware: annotations only work on standard and embedded players on a desktop. They do not work on mobile devices.

YouTube Cards Because YouTube Annotations don’t work on mobile devices YouTube created another type: cards. Because half of the views on YouTube is on mobile devices you should really consider to start using YouTube Cards.


YouTube explaining the usage of cards

A card has a limited layout, you can only adjust the time when the YouTube Cards shows up. Like annotations, do not spam the cards, only use a Card when it helps your audience to find more info.

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