How to use YouTube as an extra channel?

YouTube is a very powerful platform; every hour more than 300 hours of video are being uploaded. And herein lies the disadvantage; how to reach your audience, make them find you and connect them to your webshop?


Connect YouTube to your webshop


Too many webshops use YouTube as another folder for their video content. After uploading, the videos are embedded and from that moment YouTube is. Instead YouTube should be a powerful platform where you should highlight your best content.


Besides video style, length, and other important issues it is advised to connect your YouTube channel to your webshop. If you do so the customer can click in the video on a link to get directly to the product page in your shop.


No need to start looking for a link under the video (description): just include it in the video so the visitor has the possibility to visit your webshop. That way YouTube becomes a powerful channel leading traffic from your videos directly to your product page.


Setup and verify


YouTube has a detailed guide on how to setup and verify your account. The steps needed to connect your YouTube channel to your webshop can be found here


Before you start make sure that…


  • Your account is verified (verify on
  • Your account is in good standing (check your channel's status for copyright claims and account behavior)


After the verify; use it for shopping

Of course, you can use your videos to embed in your webshop. But you can also use YouTube to create traffic to your webshop. Use the YouTube Annotations or the YouTube Cards to guide traffic to your product page in your webshop. Keep in mind however that video playback stops when a viewer clicks an annotation in your video. This can impact your watch time metrics. {{Video |Id=zq_A3EQENZE

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