Tools for setting up campaigns

Setting up AdWords campaigns by hand might imply long hours, but there are some tools to speed things up.

  • AdWords Editor: a free tool from Google that lets you edit and create campaigns in Bulk. The best thing? You can download campaigns, edit them while offline and only upload them once you're finished. Additionally your campaigns are checked against most of Google's Guidelines.
  • Excel will be your best friend, especially when combined with AdWords Editor. You can structure your campaigns in Excel in a way that it can be directly uploaded to Editor. In Excel, you can use various formulas to quickly create various keywords, adgroups and even text ads. Moreover, using formulas, you for instance can check the character limits.
  • Keyword suggestion tool from Google: suggests new keywords based on your account or entries you make in the tool. It provides estimated search volumes per month and estimated cost-per-click and the intensity of competition.
  • Keyword combination tools, if you don't like Excel. For instance this keyword combination tool.
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