Which ad formats are available?

The first ad format Google invented was the Text Ad. As its name suggests, the ad only contains text. In the text ads, there are limits with regard to the number of characters:

  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Description lines 1 and 2: 35 characters each
  • Display URL: 35 characters

As of Q3 2016, Google will roll out expanded text ads with these specifications:

  • Headline 1: 30 characters
  • Headline 1: 30 characters
  • Description line: 80 characters

(Description line 2 expires)

Additionally, Google has some guidelines you should adhere to. For instance, you are not allowed use a exclamation mark in the headline and you are allowed to use it only once in both description lines. Other tricks to improve awareness, such as the use of capitalization are getting more restricted over time. Furthermore, the display URL should contain the actual website domain, but not the exact URL.

Usually, text ads are created manually, by creating ad groups with keywords and writing ad copies. In larger organisations, tools to dynamically create campaigns, keywords and ads are commonly used.

Google Shopping Ads are relatively new. These ads are automatically created based on the products in Google Merchant Center. These products can be send to Google Merchant using a Product Feed or by using the Google Shopping API. The ads contain only the product image, the price, the title and the seller.

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