What are the challenges regarding Search Engine Advertising?

In some cases AdWords may not give the advertiser the desirable results. What are the most common issues and how can we solve these?

-Poor Traffic

Most businesses would want more visitors to their site at an accelerated rate. However, increasing budget just for the sake of getting a higher volume of clicks and impressions, may not be the best strategy. Instead, advertisers need to focus on getting relevant traffic in relation to their goals. Think about tightly themed keywords, relevant ads and landing pages.

-Manage your Campaigns

Related to the topic above, spent some time on your campaigns each day in order optimize and improve. Analyse your keywords, ad texts, bidding strategies, ad extensions and work on a strategy to constantly improve your results.

-Proper Tracking

In order to make the best use of Google AdWords' possibilities, it's necessary to set up proper tracking for conversions in your account: Calls, Forms Filled, Ecommerce for purchases and even consider creating goals in Google Analytics making sure they are properly imported to the account.

-Determining the value of mobile traffic

Google AdWords allows you to adjust your bids for mobile devices, but you cannot set separate campaigns that only target mobile devices, which increases difficulty to analyse results for your mobile campaigns. Additionally, mobile devices are frequently used in the beginning of the funnel and therefore direct returns of mobile are usually lower than of desktop campaigns.

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