How to improve the customer service experience?

You can improve your customer service experience by using social media in several ways:

  • Use social media to keep customers informed/alerted about problems or promotions.
  • Use social media to turn a neutral or negative experience into a positive one.
  • Use social media to get the customer's voice of the customer into your company, and use the voice of the customer to get change in the company.
  • Use social media to know what your customers want (sometimes before they know it themselves).
  • Use social media to start profiling your customers (of course, always be very open and transparent in this regard). The customer must have benefits and be kept informed.
  • Use social media to monitor and act based on customer questions in the branches in which you are active. Be positive. Solve problems for customers and prospects a like.
  • Respond fast and quickly!
  • Regularly use humor!
  • Engage through your social channels. It is not only broadcasting information; engage with your followers. Be social.
  • Store social interactions at a person level in your CRM. And use it for the benefit of the customer.
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