Why digitize your physical store?

Consumer expectations are becoming more and more higher in our always-connected-world. To meet with these expectations, digitizing your store is one of the steps you need to take.

We do know that more of 60% of Americans have a smartphone, and 80% of these consumers use their smartphone while doing shopping in an actual store. Whether it’s for searching products, products reviews or to compare prices, the smartphone has become an essential tool for shopping.

The different digital media and platforms have accustomed the customer to a way higher level of convenience and personalized service, which has had consequences on the customer journey. A lot of features are only available online, such as personalized recommendations, product reviews from other consumers, huge product choice… and this granted consumers the power to make the purchasing decision more on their own terms. This is why when shoppers go to a good old brick and mortar shop, they bring these expectations with them.

More and more industries are actually agreeing on the fact that digital is “the new normal”. This is why traditional retailers must also convert to digital if they want to survive. The challenge for them is to compete with online-only retailers, by evolving into an integrated digital enterprise.

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