How to design for different devices?

In today’s world, we are not just talking about a phone or a laptop. We are probably talking about both, plus a tablet, and probably ‘’wearable’’ devices like a smartwatch or virtual reality soon enough. So how do we design for all these devices.


Step 1: How does it like to be touched?


With your finger or your mouse? One of the first things to consider when designing something to be used (digital or not) is how it will be used, physically. In the case of digital, we will usually need some sort of input device like a mouse, or your fingers.


A mouse is a device you hold in your hand, and it moves the little arrow on the screen. It involves hand-eye coordination. It can select a single pixel, but 8-10 pixels is more comfortable. It can click, click-and-drag, drag-and-drop, select an area or list, and more! The table below shows an overview of the strenghts of the mouse versus the finger.

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