What is guerilla marketing?

Guerilla marketing is a well-known term and most people will have seen a form of guerilla marketing before. But what exactly is guerilla marketing? Is guerilla marketing still relevant today? Lastly should you use it? These questions will be answered in this article along with some given examples to better understand the scope of this concept.

Low costs, high gains

Every marketing strategy is aimed at reaching the largest amount of people possible (and in most cases, activate the audience to act). Guerilla marketing is a form of marketing that does require a relative small amount of resources and still tries to reach these people and activate them.


In a way guerilla warfare, has inspired by guerilla marketing. The marketing bursts are short, sometimes only lasting a day (or even shorter). This form of marketing heavily relies on high energy input and a lot of creativity. It is meant to surprise the public and generate a lot of talkhttp://www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com/what-is-guerrilla-marketing/ .

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