How to write a content marketing strategy?

If you want your content marketing to be effective and be confident to use all the right tactics, it is recommended to write a content marketing strategy. The Content Marketing Institute describes a content marketing strategy as follows: "Content marketers draw and develop the larger story that an organization tells. They focus on ways to engage an audience, using content to drive profitable behaviors."

When developing your content marketing strategy, it is important to address at least the following issues:

1. Business goals with content marketing

First of all you describe the goals you would like to achieve with the use of content marketing. What are the most important reasons to create content? Who would you like to reach and why? You can specify your objectives. Some examples of outlined goals include:

  • Increasing exposure
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Expanding your online audience
  • Offer unique value to gain quality lead generation
  • Relationship building: bonding with your community
  • Strengthen loyalty of existing customers
  • Increasing sales

2. Types of content and audience

What audience do you want to reach with the specific goals? Describe the personas and decide what content fits their needs. Should your content consist of a whitepaper, webinar or newsletter and would it be helpful to include images, videos or other forms of content? This is the moment to think of the customer journey and map out what content is appreciated and enhances your goals.

3. Channels to spread your content

At this stage, you choose what channels are most suitable to spread your content to your target groups. Where can you tell your story best, through a social media platform, certain websites or magazines? Make sure to create a cohesive brand experience if you use different content channels.

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