What is customer service and what is webcare/social service?

Customer service is provided by organisations to answer questions from customers and to solve problems regarding products or services before, during or after a purchase. 


Almost all organisations have some form of customer service. If a customer has difficulty making a product work, if there are problems when using the product or if he just has a question, customer service employees are there to help. The customer service will answer the question or look for a suitable solution for the problem. Customer service can also give advice and sell new products or services. 


The activities of a customer service department can be inbound or outbound. Most customer services provide inbound services: a consumer has to contact the company. More and more customer services have a proactive approach: they contact the client proactively. People are asked about their use and satisfaction with the company and the product or service. It is possible to outsource the customer service to a specialised company. 


Customer service can be offered through various channels like call and e-mail. Customer service is also offered online and is called webcare or social service.  


What is webcare/social service? 

Webcare/social service is the customer service provided online. Customers get quick and easy answers or solutions.  

Webcare/social service has various functions. It helps customers with questions and problems, it can be used as a means to measure customer satisfaction and is can be used te see what people say about your company or brand. Webcare/social service is handled via social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or via WhatsApp.  

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